SUPER AIR NAUTIQUE S25 - Stream Yachts

A completely new model for 2023, the Super Air Nautique S25 takes the modern aesthetics and high-level performance of the S-Series and transforms it into a luxurious 25-foot package. With room for all your family and friends, the new S25 comes with a wide array of standard and optional features that make this boat designed for everyone. Offering wakes and waves beyond imagination, the S25 is a large-scale wake boat suited for those who want a traditional bow model with all the modern performance and styling of the new S-Series.

Technical Specifications

(Manufacturer Data)

General Information

  • Manufacturer NAUTIQUE BOATS
  • Liscence Motor boat for coastal sailing with no power limit


  • Length 7.62m
  • Beam 2.54m
  • Weight 2,540 kg
  • Depth 81m

General Information

  • Engine PCM
  • Engine power 355-600 כ"ס
  • Fuel Tanks 324.8 L