Imagine a dream vacation on the deck of your new yacht: A pleasant breeze caresses your face as you sail down the calm sea. You look for some shade away from the summer sun and get yourself a refreshing drink from the ship's fridg. Until you reach your next destination, you will choose to spend quality time with family, sea sports or fishing right from the deck. With “Stream Yachts”, you can fulfill that dream vacation!


Motor boats

There is no any more doubt that motor boats are the easiest, most convenient and accessible option you can find in the world of crafts. The motor boat market has developed so much in recent years, and today you can choose from a huge variety of motor boats of various sizes with advanced accessories, technologies and prices that suit everyone.


Used Yachts & Boats

Buying a second hand craft is an ideal solution for those who are interested in purchasing a yacht or a boat, but do not want to spend the required amounts to buy a new vessel. However, during the purchase of a second hand boat or yacht, you should be familiar with the issues and parameters that are required, prior inspection and proper conduct towards the seller, in order to prevent the purchase of a craft that does not suit your needs.


Custom Yachts

Are you looking to upgrade your cruise experience with something special? Couldn’t you find the vessel that meets your requirements? The yacht that could embody your dream come true?



It’s time to plan your next vacation, but instead of going to another standard hotel resort, this time you can have a good time on an exclusive yacht at one of the exotic destinations of your choice – from the Mediterranean coasts to Thailand, from the Caribbean to the Antarctica. All you need is simply to decide, where you would want to spend your vacation.


Stream Yachts

The sale, charter, management
of new and pre-owned yachts and boats

Since 1999, Stream Yachts have brought boats and yachts from the world’s leading manufacturers, and under one roof they combine the largest variety of services for everything you need in the yachting world. We provide sales, charters and management services to customers in Israel and overseas.

We pride ourselves every time when our customers, who choose to immerse themselves in the yachting and boating  for the first time, discover the beauty and experience of sailing and make the sea their favorite way of life. Thanks to the support and love of our customers, we have become the largest boat and yacht importers in the country.

Our skilled service personnel breath the world of sailing – you can say they’re really living on boats – and they’re the greatest experts you’ll find in this area.  “Stream Yachts” team will find the boat or yacht that suits you best, in accordance with your requirements and budget, and provide a professional and comprehensive answer to every need and question. Our team’s goal is primarily to help you enjoy a safe, enjoyable and pampering experience on any cruise.

The brands that “Stream Yachts” represent are the  leading brands the yachting and boating world  in the international arena. These brands have been carefully chosen by our team of experts for the higest level of warranty and after-sale, technological advancement, reliability, unprecedented performance and spectacular design.

Stream Yachts is wishing you Happy New Year. Health, Peace and Good Times

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