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In recent years we can see around us more and more RIBS as the chosen option for boat owners, and the reason for this is craved in their reputation as fast, light and safe speed boats, with long range and extreme performance.  These boats can literally "fly" twice and 3 times the speed of a normal speed boat, with double the range at half the time.

The Semi Rigid boats bottom is rigid and made of GRP, Composite or Aluminum, while the top sides are flexible tubes made of PVC or Hypelon.  This inflatable tube gives the Rib its balance, its buoyancy and its light weight, and as a result makes it a very stabilized and safe boat to handle in fast speeds.    This unique construction method created an ever growing monster boat type called a RIB, today built from 2m to 25m length, with incomparable performance, range, safety and speed for its owners

Stream yachts brings you a variety of RIB models from the world known boatyard- TECHNOHULL.

TECHNOHULL was established in 2005 by a well know Greek boat racing driver.  Since 2005 this modest yard had built and sold Ribs all over the world.  Designed and built in Greece, Technohulls are made to sustain strong weather conditions and get safely and promptly from one island to another, sometimes as fast as 70 knots!- This concept helped them succeed where many before them failed.

Stream yachts had also chose Williams Jet Tenders as the best and most well-known Jet Ribs in the world today.  These luxurious Tenders, designed as tender to luxury mega yachts, has jet engine propulsion, which make them faster and safer than the equivalent outboard motor Tenders.

Stream yachts team will take you step by step in choosing your best suitable Rib, with the correct equipment on it to suit exactly your needs.  Anything from technical support to comfortable terms of payment to comprehensive warranty policies- our team will be delighted to help.

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  • Manufacturer: Technohull RIB Boats - OMEGA 45
  • Liscence: Sailing license
  • No. Of berths: 12
  • Length: 13.8 m
  • Beam: 3.50 m
  • Engine: 4*400


  • Manufacturer: Technohull RIB Boats - seaDNA999G5
  • Liscence: Motor boat for coastal sailing with no power limit
  • No. Of berths: 10
  • Length: 10.30 m
  • Beam: 2.80 m
  • Engine: 2*400


  • Manufacturer: Technohull RIB Boats - ATTITUDE 35
  • Liscence: Motor boat for coastal sailing with no power limit
    Sailing license
  • No. Of berths: 10
  • Length: 10.9 m
  • Beam: 2.95 m
  • Engine: 2*400


  • Manufacturer: Technohull RIB Boats - SV909
  • Liscence: Motor boat for coastal sailing with no power limit
  • No. Of berths: 10
  • Length: 8.5m
  • Beam: 3 m
  • Engine: 2*300


  • Manufacturer: Technohull RIB Boats - SEADRUG 688
  • Liscence: Motor boat for coastal sailing
  • No. Of berths: 8
  • Length: 7 m
  • Beam: 2.55 m
  • Engine: 1*250