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Established in 1985 by the Balducci family, who are still running the Company as its sole owner, Overmarine Group is renowned all over the world for the unmistakable style of the Mangusta brand – an artisan tradition that developed in the 1960s and has kept evolving by the day, hand in hand with technological advancements. This is how the brand has become a leader in the market segment of fast yachts ranging between 30 and 50 metres in length and can now boast over 300 units sold, more than 110 of which exceeding 100′.

One single family at the helm, but more than 600 (directly and indirectly employed) workers and over 190,000 square meters divided over 10 production sites scattered all over Tuscany, in Viareggio, Massa and Pisa; a 100% Italian brand, loved all over the world, whose excellence is expressed in three different product lines: Maxi Open REV, Mangusta Oceano, and Mangusta GranSport.

A key element in the boat builder’s success is its relationship with clients, who can see the vessel of their dreams come to life thanks to the best available technologies and fully customised onboard solutions. The 3 product lines reflect 3 different ways of enjoying life at sea, each of them capturing the Owner’s personal lifestyle.

The Maxi Open line is Mangusta’s most traditional one, featuring yachts ranging between 104 and 220 feet. It reinterprets classic Mediterranean boats in a contemporary key, transforming them in terms of layout, performances, and onboard comfort – including unmatched noiselessness – thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions. The line is a true revolution in both design and engineering, with an even stronger focus on onboard lifestyle – hence the name of the new range, Maxi Open REV, whose models are pencilled by design firm Lobanov design.

The Mangusta Oceano line is the one of long-range vessels, characterised by high performances, unmatched efficiency, and a harmonious balance between interior and exterior spaces, allowing to enjoy even the longest crossings in the utmost comfort. It includes yachts between 39 and 60 metres in length, offering a range of up to 5,000 nautical miles, like Explorer vessels, and thought to make the most of life at sea always surrounded by style and beauty. A worthy representative of the line is the new Mangusta Oceano 39, a real villa on the sea, designed by Alberto Mancini, ready to cruise the seas and delight her guests with unforgettable views thanks to her innovative glass surfaces.

The Mangusta GranSport line, in turn, features fast displacement yachts delivering long ranges that go hand in hand with outstanding performances – real jewels ranging from 33 to 67 meters in length that perform at best in the displacement mode, but can also reach the speeds of high-performing yachts with no detriment to style and comfort. This successful combination stems from the brand’s comprehensive expertise, epitomised, for instance, in the breathtaking Mangusta GranSport 54, the flagship in this line. These yachts’ unparalleled versatility embodies a new way of experiencing life at sea, where the yacht becomes instrumental to creating a strong connection between the Owner and the countless, amazing emotions the sea can offer him.

Overmarine Group has designed and built masterpieces for over 30 years, making its emblem ride the waves worldwide and leaving its mark in the heart of every Owner.

And it has done so with its 100% Italian style: every single stage of the construction process – from design to mould production, from moulding to fibreglass lamination, from metal sheet cutting to outfitting, all the way to the installation of onboard electronics and systems – is taken care of by companies belonging to the Group.

Overmarine’s Design Department and Technical Department are ready to meet the Owners’ layout and décor requirements, as well as the most purely technical ones; the After-Sales department is on call 24/7, with offices in Miami (USA) and Golfe Juan, on the Cote d’Azur, in addition to a close-knit network of dealers strategically located all over the world, to ensure the most extensive coverage.

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Mangusta Oceano 39

  • Length: 39.2m
  • Beam: 8.5m

Mangusta Oceano 44

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - Oceano 44
  • Length: 44.47m
  • Beam: 8.7m

Mangusta Oceano 46

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - Oceano46
  • Length: 45.50M / 149FT
  • Beam: 9M / 29FT
  • Engine: 2X MTU 12V2000M86 1700 HP

Mangusta Oceano 50

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - Oceano50
  • Length: 49.9M / 163.8FT
  • Beam: 9.12M / 29.11FT
  • Engine: 2X MTU 12V 2000 M86 1700 HP

MANGUSTA GranSport 33

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - GranSport 33
  • Length: 33.3 M
  • Beam: 7.4 M
  • Engine: 4 X VOLVO PENTA D13 4 X 1000 HP

Mangusta GranSport 45

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - GranSport45
  • Length: 45.3M / 148.7FT
  • Beam: 8.6M / 28.2FT
  • Engine: 3X MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2600 HP

Mangusta GranSport 54

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - GranSport54
  • Length: 54M / 177FT
  • Beam: 9.01M / 29.6FT
  • Engine: 4X MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2600 HP

Mangusta 104 REV

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - 104REV
  • Length: 31.80M / 104.3FT
  • Beam: 7.1M / 23.3FT
  • Engine: 2x MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2600 HP

Mangusta 132 E

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - 132E
  • Length: 39.85M
  • Beam: 7.76M

Mangusta 165 REV

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - 165REV
  • Length: 49.90M / 163.8FT
  • Beam: 9.2M / 30.2FT
  • Engine: 4 X 2600 HP

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