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Imagine a dream vacation on the deck of your new yacht: A pleasant breeze caresses your face as you sail down the calm sea. You look for some shade away from the summer sun and get yourself a refreshing drink from the yacht's fridge. Until you reach your next destination, you will choose to spend quality time with your family, enjoy some water sports or fishing right from the deck. With “Stream Yachts”, you can fulfill that dream vacation!

In recent years, yachts have become accessible, inviting and perfect for an unforgettable experience. Thanks to their ability to easily the reach from one place to another, they are the perfect solution for a pampering family vacation: No more luggage and car hire; There’s no longer the headache of booking hotels and keeping places on the flight – just loading everything on the yacht, and sailing with it to your next destination.

Stream Yachts” team has years of experience in the yachting  world,, both in the operation and  the management and maintenance of various vessels. As a result, we know how to find the yacht brand and model that suits best your needs and requirements. It is our ultimate objective that you, like most of our customers, will discover the beauty and charm of the sea and the world of sailing and make it an integral part of your life.

The best yachts from the world’s leading producers

We represent a wide selection of leading yacht producers in the world, that produce various types of yachts: From small yachts, sailboats and catamarans to luxurious mega yachts. If you do not find the yacht that you dreamed of among the big producers, we will provide you with a unique answer with the personalized and customized construction of yachts at a specialized shipyard.

Motor yacht brands:

Sunseeker, a world-renowned pedigree British shipyard that is considered one of the best motor yachts producer in the world. Each yacht manufactured by Sunseeker is hand-built with an unmatched design and finish.

Prestige luxury yacht line offers cruise enthusiasts the luxury, reliable, functional and safe motor-yachts that will be perfect for any purpose and has unbeatable value for money.

The Four Winns shipyard offers ultra-strong, high-performance small motor yachts, that will also cater to those seeking a yacht for peaceful cruises.

The longtime Jeanneau shipyard offers motor-yachts for easy operation and maintenance at attractive prices. Perfect for family cruises.

Sailing Yacht brands :

Amel  yachts are well eastablished and renowned top quality sailing yachts, designed for blue water ocean going cruises and small crew to operate. Amel uses advanced developments and smart design that enable high reliability, durability and easy control of everything right from the cockpit.

CNB sailing yachts with more than 30 years’ experience and with more than 100 larger and more unique sailing yachts already built, CNB offers a solution for customers looking for a high-quality, luxurious sailing yacht, but for a relatively inexpensive price and short lead time.

Catamarans brands :

LAGOON‘s Catamaran, the most well know brnad in the worl today, producing over 60% of the catamaran market world wide. Lagoon have reached its nameand reputability by  using advanced adaptive technologies and designing catamarans for long cruises at high speed and operating comfort in all sea conditions and in all weather conditions.  The most comfortable family boat on the planet!

We also work with a number of shipyards that produce custom-made motor and sail yachts in a variety of models and sizes.

We see yacht buying as the first step in our relationship: We accompany our customers all the way, with all the support needed to continue enjoying successful cruises – anywhere in the world and at any time. After purchasing the yacht, we will assist you in all matters related to the required maintenance and treatments within the comprehensive warranty you’ll receive and beyond. We at “Stream Yachts” are taking care for affordable prices and convenient payment terms, so that you can sail your new yacht with a peaceful mind.


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Mangusta Oceano 39

  • Length: 39.2m
  • Beam: 8.5m

Mangusta Oceano 44

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - Oceano 44
  • Length: 44.47m
  • Beam: 8.7m

Mangusta Oceano 46

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - Oceano46
  • Length: 45.50M / 149FT
  • Beam: 9M / 29FT
  • Engine: 2X MTU 12V2000M86 1700 HP

Mangusta Oceano 50

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - Oceano50
  • Length: 49.9M / 163.8FT
  • Beam: 9.12M / 29.11FT
  • Engine: 2X MTU 12V 2000 M86 1700 HP

MANGUSTA GranSport 33

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - GranSport 33
  • Length: 33.3 M
  • Beam: 7.4 M
  • Engine: 4 X VOLVO PENTA D13 4 X 1000 HP

Mangusta GranSport 45

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - GranSport45
  • Length: 45.3M / 148.7FT
  • Beam: 8.6M / 28.2FT
  • Engine: 3X MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2600 HP

Mangusta GranSport 54

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - GranSport54
  • Length: 54M / 177FT
  • Beam: 9.01M / 29.6FT
  • Engine: 4X MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2600 HP

Mangusta 104 REV

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - 104REV
  • Length: 31.80M / 104.3FT
  • Beam: 7.1M / 23.3FT
  • Engine: 2x MTU 16V 2000 M96L 2600 HP

Mangusta 132 E

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - 132E
  • Length: 39.85M
  • Beam: 7.76M

Mangusta 165 REV

  • OVERMARINE GROUP: Mangusta - 165REV
  • Length: 49.90M / 163.8FT
  • Beam: 9.2M / 30.2FT
  • Engine: 4 X 2600 HP


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon Catamarans - 51
  • Liscence: Sailing license
  • Length: ’’15.35m / 50’4
  • Beam: ’’8.10m / 26’7
  • Engine: 2 x 80 HP


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon Catamarans - 55
  • Liscence: Sailing license
  • Length: ''4'54 / 16.56m
  • Beam: ''06'29 / 9m
  • Engine: Engine - standard
    2 x 80 CV / 2 x 80 HP
    Engine - option
    2 x 115 CV / 2 x 115 HP


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon Catamarans - 60
  • Liscence: Sailing license
  • Length: 18.27m
  • Beam: 9.87m
  • Engine: 2 x 150 HP

Sunseeker Yacht 88 – NEW

  • Manufacturer: Sunseeker - Yacht 88
  • Liscence: Sailing license
  • Sailing range: 1300 מייל
  • Length: 26.30 meter / "3'86 foot
  • Beam: 6.47 meter / "3'21 foot
  • Engine: MTU up to 3,900 PS


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon Catamarans - Lagoon 620
  • Liscence: Sailing license
  • Length: 18.90 m / 62'
  • Beam: 10.00 m / 32'10''
  • Engine: 2 x 110 CV / 2 x 110 HP 2*110 CV