The driving force of the “Stream Yachts” are our crew, folks that the sea plays the dominant part in their lives. Each and every one of the dedicated crew members of “Stream Yachts“, has gathered extensive personal experience in the yachting profession and mastered professional training courses by vessel makers abroad. 

We provide a combination of “professional and personal service package” that includes the perfect boat or yacht matching your needs, the operation and proper maintenance of all yacht and boat brands that we represent, along with dedicated handling and management of vessels after purchase and the extension of a comprehensive warranty over time.

We do our utmost to find the boat or yacht that suits you, your needs and your aspirations, and we provide you with professional answers to any query, request or need that you might have during your voyages in and around Israel and abroad.

Our ultimate goal is to help you discover the world of sailing, while, perhaps through us, you will also turn the gift of the sea into a part of yourself and your life.

רועי קליימן

Roy Klajman- Managing Partner

Roy's fell in love with the sea during his military service, as an officer and commander of a navy ship. The long training in the military provided him with experience in a variety fields . Roy is the heads the sales and business development at Stream Yachts

Itay Profile Pic

Itay Zinger- Managing Partner

Itay is an experience skipper who commanded yachts all over the world and worked in various shipyards. Itai gained extensive knowledge in the field of sailing, construction, renovation and maintenance of various ships types. Itai holds a senior marina manager certificate of a course from the UK. He responsible for managing yachts, supervising construction projects and maintaining yachts and operating marinas in Israel and abroad.

אורי 2

Uri Idan- Managing Partner

Uri is sailing from the age of 6 at the Michmoret Sailing Club, most of his young life he was spending between the ocean waves, sailing and working on ships in Israel and abroad. Uri holds a bachelor's degree in electronics and machinery engineering and a in business. He manages the yacht sales team and projects at Stream Yachts

דן שאקי מנהל שירות טכני

Dan Shaki- Technical Manager

Dan is an experienced skipper and mechanic who knows the yachting world from the smallest screw to the largest sail. He has a mechanic during his military service in the Navy. Dan holds a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences. In Stream Yachts Dan is responsible for the entire customer service and maintenance in the company.

Miki Karny

Miki Karni - Sales

Miki knows the beaches of the Sea of Galilee like the back of his hand. He owns a boat in the Kineret lake for 30 years. When he is not surfing, Miki sells new and used boats. If you are looking to buy a boat to the Sea of Galilee or the Mediterranean - he is the man for you.


Saar Goldberg - Eliat Branch Manager

Saar fell in love with the sea during his military service on a Navy ship. He has more than 30 years of experience as a skipper, marine electrician and he was the skipper of the yellow submarine in Eilat. Saar is responsible for the company's activities at the Eilat branch and management of the King Solomon Marina.

שרון קונפינו

Sharon Confino - Marketing Manager

Sharon is the marketing manager at Stream Yachts. Sharon grew up by the sea and dedicates her whole life to the ocean. Graduated with a marine biotechnology degree and has a commercial skipper's license.

יסמין נחמני

Jasmin Nahmani- Account Manager

Behind every successful brand, which combines many services, a guiding hand is needed to oversee the internal processes, development and bureaucracy behind the company's operations. . Jasmin is our account manager who accompanies Stream Yachts and gives the go-ahead to go out and develop our projects

שלומי 4

Shlomi Rot - Technical Support

Shlomi is our technical guy in the north, around the Sea of Galilee, he is available 24/7 in order to give Stream Yachts customers the best service in the Sea of Galilee Lake.

אלכס 4

Alex- Support Team

Alex is part of the maintenance and support team of Stream Yachts. He takes care of the cleanliness of the boats, but not only that, he will always take care of the boat with all his heart

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