Are you looking to upgrade your cruise experience with something special? Couldn’t you find the vessel that meets your requirements? The yacht that could embody your dream come true? Instead of settling for a ready-made product – attain the dream you’ve always aspired, realizing it with a custom “Dream Yacht”.

Regardless of the kind your “Dream Yacht” is: Sailing around the world, having a personal gym or just an open space with no cabins – now you can create with us your one-of-a-kind “Dream Yacht” at “Stream Yachts”. After completing dozens of motor yachts and sailboats construction projects in a range of sizes and budgets employing selected shipyards around the world, we’ve earned the know-how and experience you can harness to make your “Dream Yacht” dream come true.

Why build a custom “Dream Yacht”?

Construction of an ordered custom yacht is quite a different experience. It resembles more a design and construction of a house from scratch, as opposed to purchasing a done apartment from a contractor. It’s a process where you get full control over how your future cruises are going to progress.

Building a yacht is a creative process in which you envision, formulate and express a brand new and unique apparatus with the objective to meet all your needs, regardless of what they are. Whether you have unconventional requests regarding a certain size, the number of cabins or the cruise ranges; or you want to rock out with an innovative design or a dedicated space for your favorite activity – a custom “Dream Yacht” delivers something you cannot acquire in any ready-made vessel, no matter how prestigious.

Your “Dream Yacht” is constructed in particular shipyards that specialize in custom-built vessels. These shipyards strive for perfection, even for the most minute detail, in order to create your “Dream Yacht” that you’ve always been dreaming of.

The process of building the yacht is indeed longer, but in the end it is not necessarily more expensive, especially when you consider the professionalism and quality of the finished yacht that you will eventually possess.

How do you build a custom “Dream Yacht”?

  • The process of building a custom “Dream Yacht” with “Stream Yachts” is divided into several stages:

    • Characterization sessionduring which we define all aspects of your “Dream Yacht”: Materials, size and height, the geographical zone in which it is intended to operate, its various purposes, the number of people on board, budget and any other feature that must be considered.
    • Pairing the characterizationwith the relevant shipyards – those who will be able to execute your “Dream Yacht” in the best conceivable manner and at the best price point.
    • Selecting the shipyardfor the execution of your “Dream Yacht”.
    • Preparation of the specificationsfor building the “Dream Yacht”, along with the closing of a contract which specifies the agreed construction schedules, the budget and the quality standard the shipyard undertakes for the construction process.
    • The construction stage, is the longest and most intensive stage in the whole process, ranging between 8-24 months, depending on the size and complexity of your “Dream Yacht”. Throughout the construction stage we supervise closely right from the initial steps, to ensure that all is perfect and carried out according to the requirements and characterizations and the signed contract and we keep you up to speed as per the preferences of your involvement level regarding the development and other issues surrounding the construction of your “Dream Yacht”.
    • Launch of the “Dream Yacht”, that’s where we roll out the red carpet. At this point a crew is already standing by for you, and suiting your preferences and requirements, we prepare the personal tooling and all the required paperwork, so that you can start enjoying your new “Dream Yacht” as soon as possible.

 “Stream Yachts” – with you even after the “delivery”

You could say that a new “Dream Yacht” is like delivering a baby. We’ve already stood by many such deliveries. Every time we stand on the pier and watch another new “Dream Yacht” handed over to its owner, we are just as excited and proud as new parents are.

For you it will be the end of a long and satisfying process. For “Stream Yachts” it will be the beginning of a new road to accompany you and your “Dream Yacht” by providing service and support for a new life full of cruises. We are providing you with all the necessary technical information and updates regarding the cruise areas you wish to enjoy. All you have to do is to continuously celebrate your new “Dream Yacht”.



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