We are “Stream Yachts” – Renowned experts in the sale, rental, management and maintenance of yachts and boats. We began our operations in year 2000 as part of the “Sea Alliance Ltd.” group, and since then we have been providing Yacht services in Israel and abroad to all those for whom the sea is their hobby, their profession or even their Way of Life.

The LARGEST Yachts and

Boat selection for sale

Here you’ll find the widest variety of yachts and boats (new and 2nd hand) for all purposes and at all price levels. We represent among the world’s leading Yacht and Boat brands, that we have meticulously selected for their high quality and performance, their suitability to sailing conditions, and the warranty and the support that our makers extend to you. Everything that we purchase is provided with the makers’ warranty and backed by our service, and we provide all the support and accompaniment necessary – so that you’ll be continuously able to enjoy successful cruises – anytime and anywhere in the world.

Order your “up to the last detail CUSTOM Yacht”

If you couldn’t find the perfect sailing vessel that suits you, among those offered by the large makers, “Stream Yachts” enables you to order a custom yacht or boat, built by professional shipyards specializing in custom construction, in an orderly and precise manner – from the initial characterization until the vessel’s anchoring in Israel or abroad.

Yacht rental services for your dream vacation

We offer Luxury Yacht Charter services from anywhere in the world. Yacht rental is suitable for a perfect vacation, as it transports you from one place to another, and at the same time serving you as a bedroom, a restaurant and even providing marine attractions such as surfboards, jet skis, etc. Yacht rental is arranged directly through the MYBA World Yacht Association, at the most affordable rates. In addition to renting the yacht, “Stream Yachts” recommends about suitable anchor points, sought for on the way stops and even private chefs for your dream vacation.

Stream Yachts” bring you the most comprehensive pool of services under the same roof, with all the maintenance and upkeep necessary for your new vessel. We escort our customers all the way, keep in touch and provide all the necessary support and aid regarding any inquiries and requests that you might have.

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The driving force of Stream Yachts  

The driving force of the “Stream Yachts” are our crew, folks that the sea plays the dominant part in their lives. Each and every one of the dedicated crew members of “Stream Yachts“, has gathered extensive personal experience in the yachting profession and mastered professional training courses by vessel makers abroad. We provide a combination of “professional and personal service package” that includes the perfect boat or yacht matching your needs, the operation and proper maintenance of all yacht and boat brands that we represent, along with dedicated handling and management of vessels after purchase and the extension of a comprehensive warranty over time

We do our utmost to find the boat or yacht that suits you, your needs and your aspirations, and we provide you with professional answers to any query, request or need that you might have during your voyages in and around Israel and abroad.

Our ultimate goal is to help you discover the world of sailing, while, perhaps through us, you will also turn the gift of the sea into a part of yourself and your life.



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Other distinguishing features:

One-Stop-Shop - All services under one umbrella

Agent Service

We specialize in providing Agent Services for Yachts And Mega-Yachts that arrive at all Israeli marinas and ports from all around the world. All of the immediate, professional and cost-effective solutions that yachts and boats need, are just a phone call away: Ports entries, docking and maintenance services, repairs of any scope, supplies replenishments and a bounty of personalized services catering to your crew’s and passengers’ needs.

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Repair and maintenace service for Yachts and Mega Yachts

We extend a wide range of repair and maintenance services for yachts and boats: Full shipyard services and in-water maintenance and repairs; Technical services, mechanical services, sale, installations and servicing of: Electronic equipment, air conditioning and marine engines. Maintenance services include: Routine cleaning and care, operation of systems, skipper services and technical diving

Comprehensive and professional yacht management

Our customers enjoy the most comprehensive management of yachts and thus we assure your peace of mind: Comprehensive and professional yacht management, including: Ship maintenance, the relations with the marina and governmental authorities, the handling of administrative and legal matters, recruitment and staff management, equipment aquiring and general expenses budgeting. In the open seas, our dedicated service are manifested in the selection of Skipper & Crew, the transit and relocation of vessels, the selection of cruise routes, emergency assistance and backup, and more.