2024 NAUTIQUE GS20 - Stream Yachts

The 2024 Super Air Nautique GS20 redefines versatility in a twenty-foot watersports boat. Offering unmatched performance for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing, this boat sets the benchmark for what a multi-sport boat can do. Featuring wakes and waves for all activities, the GS20's hull seamlessly integrates proven traits from our record-setting Ski Nautique and award-winning G-Series, ensuring the best experience for the whole family. Pair that with the renowned Nautique quality and reliability, and the 2024 GS20 stands as a breathtaking performer.

Technical Specifications

(Manufacturer Data)

General Information

  • Manufacturer Nautique
  • Model NAUTIQUE GS20
  • Liscence Motor boat for coastal sailing with no power limit


  • Length 22.7ft / 6.9m
  • Beam 100ft / 2.54m
  • Weight 2,131.9 kg / 4,700 LBS
  • Depth 0.30ft / 0.76m

General Information

  • Engine PCM
  • Engine power 355-450 HP
  • Fuel Tanks 147.6 L
  • Balast 771 kg