SUPREME ZS252 - Stream Yachts

The ZS252 is a wakeboard boat that defies type. Its easy off-the-line wake surf performance can be readily dialed up to professional level with the additional placement of as much as 5100 pounds of available ballast evenly distributed in six individually controlled locations. The optional QuickSurf System and Stinger Wake Plate create a wave longer than the hull that can be symmetrically switched from regular to goofy in seconds. Easily grow your skills with the additional ramp created by more ballast. Noise stays on the water as the EZ-V hull means inside noise as quiet as a common dishwasher. Wet Sounds offers amazing acoustics for your music right off the factory line, but Supreme offers the opportunity to customize as well. These are just a few reasons to consider the ZS252 – the boat that offers big fun at an entry level price.

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Technical Specifications

(Manufacturer Data)

General Information

  • Manufacturer Supreme Boats
  • Model ZS252
  • Liscence Motor boat for coastal sailing with no power limit


  • Length 8.5M
  • Beam 2.59M
  • Weight 2,680KG
  • Depth 0.9M

General Information

  • Engine power Various optional engines
  • Fuel Tanks 265L
  • Balast 2,300KG