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Amel sailboats are designed for whom the sea is not just a weekend hobby, but has grown to be a place where life begins. The yachts are built for long cruises with a small crew, without conceding on comfort and safety while cruising.
Each of the  Amel 50 and Amel 60 yacht models, is equipped with the advanced developments and have a practical design that allows you to control comfortably and safely, every aspect of the craft’s, straight from the cockpit. Moreover, you are free to customize each section of the ship to have all that you need for your next journey.
Every aspect of the yachts is carefully designed in the spirit of the legendary yacht designer and Amel‘s founder, Henry Amel. He designed them for sea lovers and adventures that he was, so they could explore new adventures – in any ocean and under any weather condition.

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  • Manufacturer: AMEL YACHTS - AMEL 60
  • Liscence: Sailing license
  • Length: 19 m
  • Beam: 5.40 m
  • Engine: 175HP


  • Manufacturer: AMEL YACHTS - 50
  • Liscence: Sailing license
  • Length: 15.51 m
  • Beam: 4.79 m
  • Engine: Diesel engine 110 CV

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