Looking to take your marine sports experience to the next level? Get the SeaBob: This craft is a hybrid between a jet ski and a “boogie” surfing board, and it absolutely combines all the best the marine sports worlds have to offer.


Thanks to its convenient operation, agility and high maneuverability, the SeaBob will give you a watersports experience like never before. With the SeaBob you can surf the waves like you haven’t imagined you could, or dive as fast as a dolphin and explore the depths of the sea as close as possible.

Without the need for special license or training, and without ongoing expenses such as fuel, insurance and registration – just venture with your Seabob into the water and get the hang to get acquainted with the sea in a completely different way.

The SeaBob is a unique “marine scooter”, produced exclusively by the German company Cayago. The SeaBob is built with a meticulous design and a groundbreaking technology, which gives this small craft high maneuverability and speed for any extreme use you may aspire for, above and below water.

The SeaBob has an electric motor and a propeller that drives the water under high pressure (Jet), and manages to bring the craft to a speed of 15-20 km/h above the water and more than 10 km/h under the water. The speed of the Seabob is controlled through buttons placed on the control knobs, which enable the acceleration and deceleration of the craft’s speed. Maneuvering the SeaBob is intuitively by moving your bodyweight and legs like a diving fish. Moving on the SeaBob is so simple, so that anyone can handle it without special training or license.

The SeaBob is compact and lightweight (some models weigh less than 30 kg), which means that you can carry it easily with you to the car and to the beach. Due to the SeaBob’s patented electric motor, the craft is exceptionally quiet and environmentally friendly.

“Stream Yachts” are proud to act as the direct agents in Israel of all new Seabob models. We’re the sole and best services providers for the operation and maintenance of your SeaBob, with “Cayago certified technicians” authorized to handle all SeaBob crafts with the necessary tooling required. We also work with the “Cayago service laboratory” in Germany, especially designed for SeaBob owners, which provides specialized spare parts and a certified SeaBob repair technicians, so you can enjoy a rare watersport experience for many years to come!


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