Have you ever seen a seabob and couldn’t afford it?!   Did you hear it costs 12,000 euros?!?!   Well, you were probably right, and good for you if you were waiting!

iAQUA is the next thing! It looks the same, it behaves very much the same, it has very similar characteristics, it only costs half the price!!

It will tow you in the water even faster and you be will be able to dive easier if you wish, it is safer with two automatic shutoff mechanisms, simpler to use, more available to purchase, and mainly cheaper to buy.

Electrical and simple, without the need for special license or training and no operational expenses such as fuel, insurance, maintenance and permits – simply jump with your iAQUA in the water and get acquainted with the sea in a complete different way.

iAQUA is manufactured, trialed and tested for the past 3 years now and was sold until today in the Asia, the United States and Europe- from now also in Israel!!

With service and warranty in Israel, with authorized distributors from Galilee and Haifa in the north, through Netania, Herzliya and Tel Aviv Center, to Eilat in the south, with accessories such as carrying cart, carrying bag, T-shirts and fashionable hats, and especially the price that allows a larger audience of young people to enjoy, the iAQUA simply conquers the world of water!!

Can be purchased today from the authorized distributors:


Blue Wake Sports Club

www.bluewake.co.il  M: 0506585452


Fischeles :  04-841-9379




Marina Tel Aviv : 03-5271777



iAQUA King Salomon Promande Tel. 0522713533



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